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Made Simple is an automated online documentation system designed to work with your code.

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Write documentation while you code! has been built by developers just like you, who may love or hate writing documentation but just simply don't have the time. Using DocBlocks, can scan your code and build your documentation automatically!

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Platform Features

Version Controlled Docs

Our platform is built on the back of Git, so version controlling your documentation is as easy as creating a separate branch, or tagging a 1.0 or 2.0 release.


Build new versions of your documentation automatically when you push new code simply by adding a webhook to your source code repository platform.

API References

Writing documentation is great and all, but what if we said we could build API references, automatically, from your code? Cool right? Even if you don't use DocBlocks, we can build a structured API reference for all your classes.


DocBlocks are documentation inside your code. Must IDEs support them to give more information to auto-complete features, and so do we. Except we use them to build rich API reference documentation, automatically.

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