Automatic implementing child model

The ChildModel class is used to allow a strict model to automatically be implemented by the implementing models field definition. This is a field with type 'model' that contains a parameter 'items', which is the child models field definition.

More of these can be contained within each ChildModel object and there is no limit to how far the child model definitions can recurse other than memory and the time you are willing to spend defining your fields.

No propertiesNo constants
__construct($field_definition, $values = Array ( ) )
ChildModel constructor

Child model extends the Model\Strict class and so operates almost exactly the same. The only difference is how the field definition is defined. Because this is not an abstract class and there is no implementing class code, the definition is provided by the parent class and is defines in a higher level class' field definition.

set($key, $value, $exec_filters = true)